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Ecco il nuovo Stonesoft Security Engine 5.5!!

Helsinki, Finland –19 June 2013 – The cyber security expert Stonesoft introduces the new Stonesoft Security Engine platform and Stonesoft Management Center version 5.5. The Security Engine platform is the core of the Stonesoft Next Generation Firewall and other security solutions. The new version allows MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) to serve multiple customers with a single appliance. It also provides major improvements in deep packet inspection performance.

Virtual engines

Virtual engines allow MSSPs to serve more customers with less physical devices, whereby they benefit from significantly improved cost efficiency through lower initial costs and reduced management/personnel resources. Virtual engines are also an ideal solution for governmental or enterprise environments in which strict isolation between networks is mandatory.

Stonesoft Security Engine 5.5 has been designed to be fully MSSP compatible, allowing them to run up to 250 virtual instances of Security Engine in a single physical appliance. The solution can be also clustered, for scalability or high availability reasons. The same engine can have simultaneously different security policies, separate routing tables and overlapping IP addresses for different interfaces. All these can be managed with the Stonesoft multitenant centralized management system.

Deep packet inspection performance

Stonesoft 5.5 introduces significant performance improvements for deep packet inspection, resulting in over 100% improved throughput compared to the previous version. In particular, small packet handling has been improved.

“Traditionally, performance and security have been mutually exclusive and hardware based security solutions have been unbeatable with regard to performance. Now, for the first time, software offers even better performance without compromising security at any point”, says Antti Kuvaja, Director, Product Management, Stonesoft.


The 5.5 versions of Stonesoft Security Engine and Stonesoft Management Center are available in June.

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